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Staff Directory

Cierra Bell
Educators: Paraprofessional

Ms. Cierra Bell is an instructional aide for Middlebury and enjoys working with students in all grades. 

Pat Cole
Educators: Second Grade Teacher

My name is Patricia Cole and I love working at Middlebury Academy.  I have been teaching for 23 years in first, second and third... Read More

Heather Givens
Educators: kindergarten

Mrs. Heather Givens lives in Akron ohio.  She has lived in Ohio her entire life.  She graduated with a degree in Early Childhood... Read More

Debra Glenn
Educators: Instructional Assistant

I have been a para professional for 17 years, and for the last 2... Read More

Tara Grimley
Educators: 3rd Grade Teacher

I live with my two daughters and husband.  This is my 12th year of teaching.   I graduated from University of Akron with a... Read More

Kathy Langer
Educators: Third Grade Teacher
Miss Langer is a third grade teacher here at Middlebury Academy.  This is her first year at Middlebury, but her ninth year in the... Read More
Patty Roese
Educators: 4th Grade

This is my 20th year working in education. I earned my teaching degree from The University of Akron. I enjoy spending time with my 5... Read More

Kelly Svilenski
Educators: Title I Teacher

Mrs.  Svilenski is the title teacher at Middlebury Academy.  

She lives in Wadsworth with her husband.  She... Read More

Monique Swain
Educators: Intervention Specialist

I am an Intervention Specialist. I have being involved in teaching since 2009. I have worked in classrooms from Kindergarten to 8th grade. I... Read More

Jamie Wright
Educators: First Grade Teacher

Ms. Wright is a First Grade teacher at Middlebury Academy. Ms. Wright graduated from Mount Union with a bachelor's in early childhood... Read More