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Welcome to Middlebury Academy! My name is Wendall Garth and I am the new Principal of Middlebury Academy. It is our mission to develop and enhance the desire and ability of all of our students, within a safe and positive environment, to become lifelong learners as well as productive citizens by delivering a rigorous and relevant curriculum. We look forward to working with students, parents, and the community. We will do our best not only in academics, but also in our efforts to create a strong sense of school pride, mutual respect and appreciation for each other, and an overall spirit of cooperation and friendliness. I am humbled and most appreciative of the opportunity presented to become a member of this educational family. I have experience working with students from the elementary, middle, high school and collegiate levels.

I believe a principal should be visible and available throughout the day, so I maintain an open door policy for students, parents, teachers, and community members to see me whenever they have a concern.  I can be reached by telephone at (330)752-2766 and by email at Please understand that this is a principal only policy… If you need to speak to a teacher, please call and schedule an appointment directly with the teacher. It is a personal goal to try to interact with as many students and teachers as I can on a daily basis. Every interaction with a student is a teachable moment, and it is important never to take these moments for granted.

On behalf of the Middlebury Academy staff and myself I wish to thank you for trusting us with your most prized possession – your child. Working together we can insure that all students are successful and that Middlebury Academy is, in fact, the pride of Akron.